Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Movie Better Than The Book? In This Case, Yes!

In my opinion, The Giver movie is preferable to the book for a number of reasons. First, Fiona’s character was more fully developed in the movie than in the book. Second, in the movie, there was a clear antagonist, but in the book, there was not. Lastly, there was a clear, visible city boundary in the movie, but not in the book.
First of all, Fiona’s character development was better and much more full in the movie. This was because Jonas has a better connection with Fiona. I liked this because it showed her personality, it made her more of a character, and developed her personality and feelings much more completely. This was good, because it showed her side of the story in a better way, instead of just Jonas’s, and the movie showed that she liked Jonas back, unlike the book. This made it better, because it was not just a one-sided relationship, with Jonas liking Fiona. Nearly any good movie has a love interest. Fiona showed her feelings more in the movie verbally, but she didn’t verbally express feelings and opinions as much, or as well in the book. Also, she showed her affection in the movie physically by kissing Jonas.
In the movie, there was an apparent boundary around the community, but there was not a clear boundary in the book. The boundary around the community in the movie was significant because it added a higher level of curiosity for the viewer. In the movie, I was very curious as to how Jonas would be able to escape, because the community seemed to be completely levitating, and surrounded by clouds that blocked their vision of nearly anything outside of the community. It also showed that the world was at a stage in the future where it was completely possible to create a levitating, solitary, inhabitable island. The curiosity built up because the people in “the community” were unaware of people in other districts. It added curiosity because Jonas and Fiona (the only two young people with true feelings) wanted to know what it was like outside of the community and to be honest, so did I.
Lastly, there was an antagonist present in the movie, but not in the book. In the book, there was a conflict, but no clear antagonist. In the movie, the antagonist was the Chief Elder. This was a good change from the book that added more action and suspense. Jonas VS Chief Elder, Good VS Evil. One example of the Chief Elder playing the role of the antagonist, was when she appeared as a hologram in Jonas’ dwelling telling him to not teach anything that he learned during his training to his sister, Lily, such as dancing. She clearly wanted to keep the rest of the community naive about what they were missing in life.

The Giver is an unusual case where the movie was better than the book because it added things for the better. Additions such as Fiona’s more complete character development, the defined boundary around the community, and a clear antagonist added drama and detail that made the movie more enjoyable in my opinion.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Interview

In Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood, Abby just had an interview with Maya, the reporter. I predict that Maya will stretch the truth of the facts that Abby and Naveen told her. I think that Shaan really likes Abby, and I predict that he will ask her out on a date. Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 3, 2017


In Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood, Abby went shopping with Rani at high-end stores in India. I can imagine the flowered dress that Abby bought, and it sounds so beautiful. I predict that the news reporter will ask many questions of Abby that she is unable to answer, such as why her mom didn't contact Naveen when she found out she was pregnant.  I predict that Abby will be very popular at her school when she gets home, because her dad is very famous.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Just a Simple Country Girl

“Hi, Nona!” I said to my friend, Stella’s, Grandma “Are you ready for the interview?” I chose to interview Nona, because my grandparents live far away, and Skype doesn’t seem like the same experience as actually sitting down with someone. Her real name is Mary Lyn, but her grandkids and I call her Nona, Which means grandma in Italian. To be honest, I see her more often than my own grandma.
“Yes, Sabrina. What kind of tea do you want?” asked Nona. She looked relaxed, yet content
“Well, what kind do you have?” I asked
“I have green tea, red tea, grey tea, and blackberry hibiscus.”
“I don’t drink colored or caffeinated tea, so I’ll have the blackberry hibiscus. Thank you.”
I grabbed some cookies, sat down, and prepared the recorder. “Is it okay if I record this conversation?” I asked Nona
“Hmmm.” said Nona jokingly, “I don’t know. I guess you could.” She sat down across the table from me and handed me my cup of tea.
“Thank you.” I said, “I am ready for the interview. So, Stella tells me that Italy is your favorite country. Why are you so in love with Italy?”
“Well, The history is just phenomenal, and the food is fantastic. There are some really nice people. I just love the landscape, the rolling hills, the lakes. They are just beautiful. When I visited once, the grocery store that you went to, when you look out of the window, you could see a clear view of the rose colored Italian Alps.”
“That must have been amazing.” I said.
“And there is so much public transport. You can take a train from about two blocks away from where you live and go to a small village. Then we took a train all the way up to Switzerland. Then we took a boat down a river.  Then we took a train all the way home.      
“When you were a kid, what did you do for fun?” I asked
“On a rural farm, what did I do for fun? Well, when I was maybe six or seven, I liked to talk to the cows. I would make up plays, and then act them out with the cows.”
I chuckled.
“I am not sure, but I think that I picked little blades of grass and feed them to the rabbits. During the Winter months, I loved skiing and sledding. There was a tractor on the farm for harvesting the crops, and I loved to ride that as a child.”
So, what was the very earliest memory of your childhood?
“To be honest, I’m really not sure. It could have been discovering my fear of chickens, and it could have easily been a birthday party. But I’m not sure. I am not afraid of chickens as much anymore, though. With grandchildren, you can’t be afraid of bugs or birds. If a moth is near Stella, especially when she was younger, it is, ‘Get this out of my room!’”
“Ha ha ha!” I laughed. I knew all about Stella’s former phobia of insects, especially moths. (She is still terrified by them, but not as badly.)
Mary Lyn’s youngest grandchild, Quinn, interrupted, saying, “Nona, can I have some Oreo ice cream?”
“Not right now.” Nona said, “but you can grab a fruitsicle from the freezer.”
“But I want Oreo ice cream.”
“Then I guess you’ll just have to wait.”
“Ok, I’ll have a fruitsicle!”
Nona and I laughed.
Quinn opened the freezer door and said, “I’m gonna eat a lime fruitsicle.”
I asked, “A lime fruitsicle? Those are my favorite.”
“We are going to get Madonna Inn cake in an hour.  You do not need a popsicle.” “
“Okay.” I sighed
“When you were in school what was the punishment like?” I asked Nona.
Nona laughed and said, “The worst punishment was getting scolded by the teacher or going to the principal's office.  There was no rulers or anything like that.  We lived in a small town everyone knew everybody else so everyone respected each other.”
I asked Nona what school was like when she was a kid and she told me that in such a small town, the schools were very small, in fact their were only three people in my first grade class. And for all of elementary school we learned in a one room schoolhouse with grades one through eight. In High School the country kids and the city kids congregated together and we went to school in a beautiful 3 or 4 story brick building with wood floors. Then I asked her if it was scary being on the top floors of a big building, and she said “No”.
Quinn laughed at nothing randomly, after all he was just five years old.
“What were your farm chores as a kid,” I asked
“To be honest, I was spoiled rotten. I didn’t really have any farm chores, but I’m sure that I helped my Father in the fields harvesting hay, corn, and oat a couple times. Although, I do remember My neighbors had four girls, and every morning before school, they would get up early to milk the cows and harvest corn.” Quinn came over and handed Nona the fruitsicle, and she opened it.
“I better start working on making dinner. Should we meet up again for a second interview?” Nona asked
“I think I have enough information for my report now, but thank you.” I paused the recorder.

As I walked to my car, I thought about how fun it was to interview Nona, and how unique of an experience it was.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The First Flight

Today I read more about the Wright brothers today on and found out that neither of the two went to college! I also learned that the first flight in Kittyhawk, North Carolina took 59 seconds and was 852 feet long! An extraordinary time especially for the technology back then, in 1903. I wonder how many prototypes it took until the successful plane was built. That's all for today, bye!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

School days for Wilbur

So, today I read and I found our a lot that I already knew, but one thing that I found interesting was the fact that Wilbur had trouble with education. Wilbur was actually quite the troublemaker. Wilbur was known for getting in trouble in school for pranks and such. He was even once expelled in grade school. He dropped out of highschool to make money for the family as well, so he couldn't get much of an education, anyways.

A bicycle shop for two

Today I read in The Wright Brothers by Tara Dixon-Engel and Mike Jackson, and learned about the brothers' bicycle business. They never cheated people out of their money and tried to make everything fair. The brothers loved cycling, and made a high income for selling and repairing bikes. Though they loved working for the printing press as much as cycling, the bicycle business brought in more money.